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作业精编九上英语答案_作业精编八下英语牛津版 作业网答案

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英语(English),属于“印欧语系-日耳曼语族-西日耳曼语支”。根据以英语作为母语的人数计算,英语是最多主页使用的官方语言,英语也是世界上最广泛的第一语言,也是欧盟和许多国际主页和英联邦主页的官方语言,拥有世界第三位的母语使用者人数,仅次于汉语和西班牙语母语使用者人数。下面是www.zzxu.cn小学国际网小编整理的作业精编八下英语牛津版 作业网答案,供大家参考!

  作业精编八下英语牛津版 作业网答案


  1. --Could you please s tile floor? It's so dirty.


  2. Morn,can I buy a new (衬衫)?

  3. --Where is my soccer?

  --It is on the f under your bed in your room.

  4.Cindy, your room is in a m ; you should tidy it up.

  5. Nancy came into her room and t down her bag on the sofa.



  Grace, could you please ?


  You can't on weekdays.


  Why do you ask the same question ?


  "You are already here?" Helen asked .


  does housework at home.


  ( )l.-- you please make your bed,Julia?

  --Yes, sure.

  A. Must B. Need C. Could D. Should

  ( )2. Our math teacher says two hours enough for the game.

  A. is B. be C. has D. are

  ( )3.--Do you like talking with your friends on the phone or QQ?

  -- .I enjoy using WeChat(微信).

  A. Neither B. Both C. Either

  ( )4. The talent show is the game show. I like both.

  A. as boring as B. not so bored as

  C. as interesting as D. not so interested as

  ( )5.My family always go somewhere interesting the

  holiday begins.

  A. as soon as B. so

  C. so that D. even though

  ( )6. After the clothes were dry outside,she them and put

  them in her suitcase.

  A. threw B. sold C. folded D. bought

  ( )7.--I like geography very much.

  -- .It's my favorite subject in school.

  A. So am I B. So do I C. Neither do I

  ( )8.--There is so much housework today!

  --Don't worry,Mum. I can with a few things.

  A. take out B. turn out

  C. give out D. help out

  ( )9.--Could I your notebook,Gina?

  --Yes,of course. Here you are.

  A. borrow B. to borrow

  C. lend D. to lend

  ( )10.--Could you take out the rubbish and do the dishes, Tony?

  --Sure. Mom will be mad if she sees this , I think.

  A.matter B. mess

  C. trouble D. difficulty


  The cowboy without a horse

  A cowboy rode into a town and stopped at a caf6 for a drink. When he finished his drink, he 1 his horse was stolen(偷窃). He went back into the caf6.held his gun up into the air and fired a shot(开枪) 2 even looking. "Which one of you 3 my horse?" he shouted loudly.

  4 answered. "Alright," the cowboy said,"I'm going to have 5 beer,and if my horse isn't back outside by the time I finish,I'm going to do 6 I did in Texas! And I don't like to have to do it. "

  Some of the people in the town were very 7 .After the cowboy had one more beer,he walked outside His horse was back! He 8 his horse and started to ride off.

  The waiter went 9 the café in a hurry and asked,"Tell us, 10 you go,what happened in Texas?" The cowboy turned back and said,"I had to walk home. "

  ( )1. A. hoped B. remembered C. found D. forgot

  ( ) 2. A. without B. for C. with D. of

  ( ) 3. A. kept B. stole C. fed D. saw

  ( ) 4. A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Everybody D. Nobody

  ( ) 5. A. Other B. another C. others D. no

  ( ) 6. A. how B. which C. what D. why

  ( ) 7. A. afraid B. excited C. relaxed D. hungry

  ( ) 8. A. got down B. got off C. got up D. got on

  ( ) 9. A. into B. out of C. to D. behind

  ( ) 10. A. after B. until C. before D. if


  Tom has a strong and faithful(忠诚的) dog,Bruce. The dog likes playing with Tom. Sometimes he also follows Tom's father to work.

  One morning when Tom's father worked in the field,he took off his coat and put it on the ground under a big tree. He turned to the dog and said,"Watch my coat,Bruce!"

  Bruce sat down on the coat. Later Tom's father remembered he had to buy some food. So he hurried to the shop. After shopping, he went home directly and forgot all about his coat and the dog.

  Late in the evening Tom looked for his dog everywhere in the house, but he couldn't find him. At this time Tom's father suddenly remembered his coat and the dog. He went back to the tree at once. He found that Bruce was still sitting on the coat!


  ( ) 1. Bruce likes playing with Tom.

  ( )2. One morning Tom's father went to work in a factory with the dog.

  ( )3. Tom's father went home with the dog after shopping.

  ( )4. Bruce watched the coat from morning to evening that day.

  ( )5. Bruce was angry with Tom’s father.


  一、1.sweep 2. shirt 3. floor 4. mess 5. threw

  二、1. take out the rubbish/trash 2. stay out late

  3. all the time 4. in surprise 5. Neither of them

  三、1.C 2.A


  4.C 根据“我两个都喜欢”,说明才艺展示和游戏节目一样有趣。

  5.A 考查短语as soon as“一……就……”。



  它 是我在学校最喜欢的科目。


  9.A考查borrow和lend的用法。lend表示借出,lend sth.to

  sb.=lend sb.sth.。borrow表示借人,borrow sth.from sb,。


  四、1.C 喝完酒,他发现他的马被偷了。故选C。

  2.A 根据后文中动词的looking形式,可知横线处应该是介词,



  3.B 前面提到牛仔的马被偷,这里他问“你们中的哪一个偷了我


  4.D 根据下文内容可知在他问的时候,没有人回答,故选D。

  5.B another表示泛指“另一个;再要一个/些东西”,故选B。

  6.C what引导宾语从句并在宾语从句中作宾语,故选C。

  7.A 牛仔鸣枪警告,镇上的人们很“害怕”,故选A。

  8.D get on表示“上车”,在此表示“上马”的意思,故选D。

  9.B go out of.,.表示“从某地出来”的意思。故选B。


  选 C。

  五、1.A 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. B

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